Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chubby is in my blood.

There are many ways to deal with weight gain. My weight started creeping up as I approached and then surpassed 40. Let's be clear...I come from a long line of chubbies. It was not unexpected. I was always a bit bewildered by my lack of resistance to weight gain. I think that is because my favorite people (mom and mema) were always heavy, and yet, so fun and happy.

While I wasn't resistant, I was in a strange form of denial.  I bought loose fitting sundresses and the next size up shorts and pants. Instead of dieting, I chose another way of coping.  I cut the tags out of the clothes I bought. No tags, no evidence. Next, as I passed Lane Bryant in the mall, I found myself walking slowly. I wouldn't go in...but I would take note of what I might be wearing next.

This past fall I found the magic combination of sudafed and milk thistle. I am down 19 pounds. Just a few pounds to goal weight. It is a totally unexpected turn of events. My life's path appeared to be clear and predictable...I find myself more amazed at the weight loss than the weight gain.

I've always believed skinny old women were bitches....what if I become one?

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