Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And now my head implodes...

Did I mention Alec is away overnight?
I come home after work, pour a drink and get ready to relax...but, not so fast missy. Your family has had a troubling day. First I must smile and nod while my husband goes on about his day. (This is a very important wife job...feigning interest with enthusiasm.) He finally heads to bed.
Just as I pour a second drink and think maybe now I will watch the Modern Family finale - Jess comes in and needs to vent about her life while I nod and ask questions. (This is a very important mother job...feigning interest, enthusiasm doesn't need to be at the same level. Is this because she is a child or because she is a woman? Point to ponder.) As she is finishing her story I wonder if anyone will notice if I turn the laptop and start playing Free Cell. She finally heads to bed too.
Do you ever feel like you are on Survivor where the only strategy is to outlast until they all go to sleep?
At least Alec isn't home so I can sleep in tomorrow. It's finally "me time"'s OK that it's midnight.

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