Monday, June 27, 2011

So where does Superman go to change.....

There is an ongoing joke in my house. It is about the existance of phonebooths. When my girls first started asking for cell phones, I was resistant. Until you are driving, what is the need for a cell phone?
Them: What if I need a ride home from school after practice?
Me: Use the pay phone.
Them: We don't have one.
Them: (A week later) OMG I saw the payphone at school today. (said as if an alien had dropped out of the sky)
When Jess went on a field trip to New York City she took a picture of a phonebooth, in disbelief that such things actually existed. Much the way you would take a picture of Bigfoot hiking in the woods.
In the following years the school pay phone was removed, but I am glad they verified it's existance before its extinction.

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